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Network-based machine learning approach to
predict immunotherapy response in cancer patients

Nat Commun 13, 3703 (2022).

JungHo Kong, Doyeon Ha, Juhun Lee, Inhae Kim, Minhyuk Park, Sin-Hyeog Im, Kunyoo Shin, Sanguk Kim


Structural specificities of cell surface β-glucan polysaccharides determine commensal yeast mediated immuno-modulatory activities

Nat Commun. 2021 Jun 14;12(1):3611

Changhon Lee, Ravi Verma, Seohyun Byun, Eun-Ji Jeun, Gi-Cheon Kim, Suyoung Lee, Hye-Ji Kang, Chan Johng Kim, Garima Sharma, Abhishake Lahiri, Sandip Paul, Kwang Soon Kim, Dong Soo Hwang, Yoichiro Iwakura, Immacolata Speciale, Antonio Molinaro, Cristina De Castro, Dipayan Rudra, Sin-Hyeog Im


Listeria monocytogenes Establishes Commensalism in Germ-Free Mice Through the Reversible Downregulation of Virulence Gene Expression

Front Immunol. 2021 May 3;12:666088

Kyungjin Cho, Darina Spasova, Sung-Wook Hong, Eunju O, Charles D Surh, Sin-Hyeog Im, Kwang Soon Kim


Probiotics-derived metabolite ameliorates skin allergy by promoting differentiation of FOXP3+ regulatory T cells

J Allergy Clin immunolo. 2021 Apr;147(4):1517-1521

Hye-ji Kang, Gi-Cheon Kim, Choong-Gu Lee, Sunhee Park, Garima Sharma, Ravi Verma, Sin-Hyoeg Im, Ho-Keun Kwon


Commensal Microbiome Expands Tγδ17 Cells in the Lung and Promotes Particulate Matter-Induced Acute Neutrophilia

Front Immunol. 2021 Mar 29;12:645741

Chorong Yang, Dong-Il Kwon, Mingyu Kim, Sin-Hyeog Im, You Jeong Lee


Amelioration of Autoimmune Diabetes of NOD Mice by Immunomodulating Probiotics

Front Immunol. 2020 Sep 3;11:1832

Tae Kang Kim, June-Chul Lee, Sin-Hyeog Im, Myung-Shik Lee


Harnessing the bioresponsive adhesion of immuno-bioglue for enhanced local immune checkpoint blockade therapy

Biomaterials. 2020 Dec;263:120380

Kye Il Joo, Yeonsu Jeong, Sung-Min Hwang, Mincheol Shin, Jaeyun Lee, Garima Sharma, Haena Lee, Sin-Hyeog Im, Hyung Joon Cha


Dietary Glucose Consumption Promotes RALDH Activity in Small Intestinal CD103+CD11b+ Dendritic Cells

Front Immunol. 2020 Aug 11;11:1897

Hyun-Ja Ko, Sung-Wook Hong, Ravi Verma, Jisun Jung, Minji Lee, Nahyun Kim, Daeun Kim, Charles D Surh, Kwang Soon Kim, Dipayan Rudra, Sin-Hyeog Im

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