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CEO Message

CEO Message

We aim to develop novel LBP (Live Biotherapeutics Products) to cure intractable disorders like autoimmunity, cancer, and autism spectrum disorders. With continued advancement in cutting-edge research based on our solid scientific infrastructures (germ-free mouse facility), qualified scientists (Immunologist and AI specialist), and merits of academic research environment (POSTECH campus), we aim to become a world-leading microbiome therapeutics company. We are sure that our novel therapeutics could cure patients suffering from various immune disorders.


Sin-Hyeog Im


Our company has developed an innovative platform technology, named “Avatiome,” to identify the best drug candidates, confirm Immuno-modulatory properties in germ-free mice systems, define effective molecules, and elucidate mechanisms of action of related products. Furthermore, by employing humanized mouse model containing human immune cell components and microbiota, we evaluate the translational possibilities of utilizing preclinical data for clinical applicability. 

One of our strong research capabilities is to define the effector molecules that recapitulate the functionalities of LBP and elucidate their mechanisms of action, which enable us to design an optimal combination of drug candidates with our LBP candidates. Accordingly, we have been attracting global attention by publishing many articles in prestigious academic journals, including Science Immunology, Immunity, and Nature Communications.

ImmunoBiome will leap forward as an innovative new drug development company to cure intractable diseases like cancer and autoimmune diseases based on our solid scientific research.

밝은 그라디언트
CEO Profile

1996 - 2001

Ph.D. in Immunology at Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)

1987 - 1989

Master Sc. in Biochemistry at Korea University

1983 - 1987

Bachelor Sc. in Life Sciences at Korea University

Professional Experience

2014 - Present

Professor, Department of Life Sciences, POSTECH (Korea)

2012 - 2013

Professor, Department of Life Sciences, GIST (Korea)

2001 - 2003

Postdoc.  Department of Pathology, Harvard Medical School (USA)

1991 - 1996

Senior Researcher, R&D Center, Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Company

Other Experience

2015 - Current

Chairman, Int’l Probiotics and Prebiotics Conference

2018 - 2021

Board of directors, Pharmabiotics Research Institute (France)

2017, 2019

Scientific advisory board, DuPont Nutrition & Health (2017, 2019) etc

Editorial Board

2015 - Present

Beneficial Microbes (ISSN: 1876-2891)

2018 - 2020

Review editor, Frontiers in Immunology

2021 - Present

Associate Editor, Frontiers in Immunology

2019 - Present

Vaccines, (ISSN 2076-393X)

CEO 인터뷰
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