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Core Technology

Core Technology

Avatiome™ : Next Generation Immunophenotyping System of ImmunoBiome


Avatiome™ is an innovative pre-clinical model system that mimics the human body's immune system and microbiome.  Avatiome™ incorporates up-to-date technologies such as immunophenotyping, single-cell transcriptomics, and an Artificial Intelligence system to develop novel therapeutics targeting neuronal, systemic inflammatory diseases and cancers.

This model is used to develop novel drug candidates through the following step-by-step analyses. After a primary immune cell-based evaluation (in vitro analysis) and defined immune cell-based activity evaluation (ex vivo) isolated from live animals, we further validate a drug candidate's efficacy in diverse animal models.


We evaluate drug candidates/strains in the animals containing mouse microbiome (SPF), gnotobiotic mice, mono-associated with defined bacteria in germ-free mouse (GF), and humanized mouse model with the Human Immune/Microbiome (HMM). This is followed by several defined steps to evaluate the potential human applicability of the drug candidates. These steps utilize large-capacity data for bioinformatic analysis (in silico analysis model), human relevance through artificial intelligence (AI) analysis, clinical design, clinical indicator analysis, as well as new drug development target deduction analysis.


ImmunoBiome utilizes our Avatiome™ technology to discover various new drug candidates/strains and use it as a method to maximize the possibility of clinical trial success

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